Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sites I use for information

These are the websites that I use because they are all very credible sources.

NFL I think that this website is very credible because its the ''Official Site of the National Football League". There is people that have played in the NFL as well as people that are very knowledgeable about football. It has different categories on the site. Like fantasy, stats, videos, tickets, and the NFL store.

espn Espn is probably the best sports website I have been on. It has professional analysis that when to college to do stats. Also, it has professional photographers to take pictures for them at sports events. It's website offers an NFL, NBA, and MLB catagories as well as others."The World Wide Leader in Sports''

nba "National Basketball Association" This website has everything there is to offer about the NBA. You can find everything you need to know from the categories like players, news, and videos. It has former player as analysis and people that have dedicated their life to the game. It has pictures from photographer that work for the NBA to that pictures at all of their events

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