Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why i'm blogging about sports.

 I'm choosing to start blogging about sports because I love sports! Sports has been apart of my life since I could remember. Everything I do is around my sports. Sports literally runs my life. Without sports I don't know where I would be if I didn't have sports in my life. I've played football, basketball, and ran track through my life. I have always tried to be involved in sports as much as I can, I could never picture myself not doing something that didn't involve sports.
 This blog will consist of sports news, recent topics, and major league sports. Mostly I think I will talk about is football and basketball things.Considering that Football season has just begun. Also, I will be talking about whats going on in the sports world.
 I'm hoping that people are getting what they are looking for when they read a sports blog. I hope that people when they read my blog that they want to share it with someone else in a positive way.  Leave good comments.Find out about things going on that are important in the sports world not irrelevant things. So I hope you get what you wanted out of my blog.

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